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Glass Beads
Glass Beads is one of the most important variety of beads that you can blast with. They are safe and can be used for a few cycles to clean a surface. These beads are versatile and can also be used in a suction or pressure blast cabinet.
Road Marking Paint Glass Beads
The Road Marking Paint Glass Beads when mixed with line marking paint becomes best to create a retro-reflective action at night which assists the driver to see properly and drive safely.
Glass Microspheres
Glass Microspheres as the name suggests are microscopic spheres of glass that are used in various researches, medicine, consumer goods and many other industries. Since they are made of glass they provide the benefits of high heat and chemical resistance.
Glass Sands Grits
Our exclusive array of Glass Sands Grits helps in fine smoothing of surfaces. Its main advantage is that it prevents the formation of fine airborne dust. These grits can be used in uncounted number of surfaces.

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